Various collections of pix of my cars, etc newest on top. Please be aware of the dates of various pictures before asking questions, some of these are OLD! Enjoy!

Brown Car
Drag Racing Timeslips
Dyno Results

fall '04 brown car pix
fall '03 brown car pix
SP57 pix
275s on the front (test fit done on blue car, but used on brown car)
MKIVtt Rear Brake Install
Thanksgiving '02 Tire Destruction
Iszuzu NPR IC temp install (note this is an OLD temp install)
Death of the W58
Greddy PCV Oil Catch Can Install pix
Winter '02 pix
Group A Front Scoop Install pix
Fall '01 pix
Summer '01 pix
Spring '01 pix
Summer '00 pix
Spring '00 pix
Summer '99 pix

Blue Car

FullThrottle Speed/Style MAFT beta test pix
side-by-side pix of the cars.
winter '04 blue car pix
McCord power plate install on the blue car pix
The carnage of the blue car's original engine
Do-Luck RXB install (original install on the brown car, but used on blue car)

Misc. Informative Pictorials

JET ECU scam
Tial vs. Deltagate/Tial Install pix

Last update 10/07/04

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