Isuzu NPR IC Intall Pix

A few pix of the temp installation of my Isuzu NPR delivery truck intercooler. I installed the IC in anticipation of my 2J style intake manifold (sometime winter '02-'03) and to get rid of my leaky AMS big IC.

Note that these pix are old and everything has been painted and all t-bolt clamps are used now.

FYI- my hardpipe/HK$ SSQV and the NPR to stock IC piping setup will all be forsale soon. Drop me a line w/any offers.

the large NPR vs. the large AMS.
a front shot w/the NPR in car.
a top down shot of the NPR in car. note the retention of the horns, PS cooler and nose support.
an under car side shot of the outlet side of the IC. note that the hardpipes tie into stock hardpipes. also note the use of conduit ;)
another shot showing the 270 the piping has to do. not the best for flow, but i wanted it to tie into the stock IC piping. note that the entire setup is a bit higher than the front crossmember.

Last update 9/16/02

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