Joe Breeze Bicycles

It all started in Marin county almost 25 years ago.......a couple of guys took their old cruiser bikes, putfat tires on 'em and began to stray off the beaten path. Those couple of guys started one of thebiggest happenings in the world of bicycling: mountain bikes. Joe Breeze was one of those guys, alongwith Tom Ritchey, Richard Cunningham and a few others. Today, Joe is still producing a few bikes. Until recently, these bikes were the classic mountain machines reminicient of the simplicity of theolden days. No fluff, no real suspension, just a basic hardcore racing machine that look too good to be ridden off road. But when ridden, they performed even better than they looked.

Mt. Tam in Marin county, CA. the birthplace of mountain biking

I am the proud owner of a '93 Breezer Storm. A fine machine made of the best steel you can buy: Ritchey Logic Prestige. I have ridden the bike for many years and have won many races on it.Until recently, I had been using an Allsop Softride suspension stem. But, the years have not been kindto it. This past winter was time for a complete tear down and rebuild. About the only orignal part left on the bike is the frame. The Softride stem was lost in favor of an Amp Research F3 linkage suspension fork. A Chris King headset keeps the fork in place. XTR brake/shift levers do thedictate commands to a XT rear/LX front derailers and a set of XT V-Brakes. A new set of wheels were in order, so I picked up a cheap set of XT/Mavic 222s off Supergo.After reassembling everything, the bike was complete. It runs very well. My only complaint is that theF3 is a bit stiff. I think i just need to get a softer spring for it. Pics of my sweet ride will followsomeday when I get a digital camera or when I get ambitous.

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